Equipment Design

We undertake various equipment design jobs. Our expert engineers along with combined team of our associates provides  one stop solutions for engineering of various equipment. Some of the equipment related jobs that  we undertake are.

  •   Package Equipment
  •   Boiler and Chiller Plant Design
  •   Piping Systems
  •   Stationary equipment sizing
  •   Thermal rating of Heat exchangers
  •   Finite element analysis
  •   Design of SR nozzles
  •   Design of supports – skirts, saddles, etc.
  •   Design of ladder and platforms
  •   General arrangement drawing
  •   Detail fabrication drawings
  •   Review of the Basic Engineering Design Package.
  •   Mechanical Data Sheets (MDS) Review
  •   Vendor Document Review
  •   Detail Design and Drawing for:
  •   Pressure Vessel
  •   Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  •   Air Cooled Exchanger
  •   Stacks
  •   Design and Calculations of Storage tanks.
  •   Hopper, Bins and Silos
  •   Pump selection and sizing

Our engineers have expertise in related activities such as review of design criteria, review of contractor design documents and drawings and project coordination. They have experience in the use of a variety of supporting software including HTRI, STAAD Pro, PV Elite, ZW CAD, and AUTOCAD. We supply design as per ASME codes and any other applicable codes as per Client’s requirement.


We provide Finite Element Solutions for various Equipment, Storage Tanks and Piping services in Refinery, Power Plant, Oil and Gas Sectors and Pharmaceuticals sectors. Our solutions include

Stress/Structural FEA :

  •    Static
  •    Linear
  •    Non-Linear
  •    Contact

Thermal FEA :

  •    Steady State
  •    Transient
  •    Radiation
  •    Convection & Conduction

Buckling Analysis :

  •   Solid model migration
  •    Mesh sensitivity testing
  •    Wind analysis

Fatigue failure investigation:

  •    Failure Prediction
  •    Cycle to Crack Formation
  •    Analyzing S-N Curve
  •    Rupture Analysis


FEA Static Stress Analysis Services :

We evaluate material displacement due to stress and also investigate the causes of malfunctioning and failure, based on this we carry out static stress analysis.


FEA Linear and Non-Linear Analysis Services :

Our Linear FEA Services include:

  • Safety margins and design factors
  • Assembly Stress Analysis
  • Part & Contact stress analysis
  • Deflection Analysis
  • Correlation Analysis Deflections/ Strains
  • Position of Thermal Stresses

Our Non-Linear FEA Services include:

  • Non-linear Geometric and Dynamic Analysis
  • Non-linear material analysis


FEA Buckling analysis:

  • Linear buckling analysis
  • Non-linear buckling analysis
  • Buckling failure analysis
  • Mesh sensitivity analysis


FEA Thermal Analysis Services :

  • Steady State Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Transient Thermal Analysis
  • Thermo-mechanical Analysis
  • Coupled Thermo-fluid analysis
  • Natural and Forced Convection Analysis
  • Creep Analysis

FEA Fatigue Analysis Services :

  • Failure Prediction Analysis
  • Cycle to Crack Formation
  • S-N Curves Analysis
  • Threshold Stress Intensity
  • High and Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis

FEA of Head to Skirt :


Buckling Analysis of Storage Tanks :

  •    Linear Buckling analysis is used to evaluate buckling modes  and critical buckling pressure
  •    Non-linear  analysis is used to obtain more accurate results
  •    This analysis can be used to ensure whether Internal   Overpressure would open up roof/curb joints
  •      before shell failure or not
  •    This will help to predict whether the Fluid still remains in tank or spill out