Early Engineering Works for Refinery Plant

Project Location : Singapore

Project Scope: 3D Model development, Structural analysis of Modules (weighing up to 1500 MT), Piping and Structural MTO for cost estimation

Delayed Coker Revamp

Project Location: Assam, India

Project Scope: Laser Scanning and 3D Model Development, Modification of Coke Drum, Piping and Structure. Work include Process, Piping, Civil & Steel, Electrical and Instrumentation Design

Modularization Analysis

Project Location: Singapore

Structure Size: up to 16m x 24m x 32 m

Project Scope: Structural analysis for Modularization with Lifting, SPMT and Sea Transport analysis.


ACHE Structure along with Header Tower Structure

Project Location: Nagarjuna Oil Corporation, Cuddalore

Structure Size: 42m x 12m x 8 m (High)

Project Scope: Design and Analysis of ACHE Structure

along with header tower structure


Storage Tank Roof Structure Design

Project Location: Sultanate of Oman

Structure Size: 75 m dia x 18 m (high)

Project Scope:  Design and analysis  of fixed tank roof structure

Drawing checking


Storage Shed Design

Project Location: Saudi Arabia

Structure Size: 24m x 30m x 6 m (High)

Project Scope: 

  • Structural Steel Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Steel and RCC Drawing Preparation

Design and Analysis of Oil Offloading Skid for FPSO

Structure Size: 20m x 7m x 7 m (High)

Project Scope:  Performing structural analysis for various load conditions for FPSO, Lifting Analysis, Road & Marine Transport Analysis


Retaining Bund Wall Design for UG LPG Bullets

Project Location: IOCL Cochi

Structure Size: 30m x 70m x 10 m (deep)

Project Scope:  

  • Design and analysis of retaining bund wall for underground LPG Bullet
  • FEA design with STAAD Pro.
  • PMC – Indian Research of Shipping

Equipment Platform Design

Project Location: HURL , Gorakhpur

Size: Various equipment platform design

Project Scope:

  • Circular and Top head platform design for total eight number  of equipment
  • Platform Drawing preparation

Scaffolding Design

Project Location: Jamnagar

Size: Scaffolding design for various columns and equipment with height from 20m high to 110 meter high

Project Scope:

  • Planning of scaffolding layout for about 20 number of equipment
  • Design and analysis of scaffolding
  • Drawing preparation and site support